Valentine’s Day Dinner, Sweets, and Laughs

February 14th doesn’t always have to be a day of fancy five-star restaurants & heart-filled holiday cards. This Valentine’s Day shower your sweetie with romantic, unforgettable gestures right at home. From a charming home-cooked spread to a few shared giggles, let the little moments make the greatest impact this holiday.

Add a Touch of LOVE to Dinner

One of our personal favorites, Lionel Richie’s Love collection boasts beautiful, glossed bone china plates perfect for adding a pop of life to your table. Inspired by the sentiment behind every meal, Love, this tableware compliments any home-cooked meal.

A few extra suggestions? Make the meal an experience from beginning to end – prepare the table and the meal together…and leave the mess for later. Don’t forget some spunky candles (we used the Loop Candelabra from Black+Blum) and table pieces to set the mood just right.

P.S. We think Pan-Fried Trout looks deliciously amazing on these plates. An easy and a sweet dish, all you need is fresh trout, white grapes, butter, amaretto, and brown sugar.

  • Heat the amaretto, white grapes (cut in half), butter and a little brown sugar in a saucepan until you get a nice glaze.
  • Pan-fry the trout with the skin on top for 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Turn over to and cook for 3 more minutes with your glaze.

Pucker up!

Ditch the box of chocolates and opt for something with a little more pop! You’ll want to pucker up to these sweet & sour gummy lips in delicious natural flavors of Watermelon, Strawberry and Bubble Gum.
Kissably-soft and chewy, these sugar lips are dusted in sweet & sour sugar crystals for a lip-smackin’ mouthwatering smooch sensation.

*Made with pectin, these gummies are gelatin-free, perfect for vegans and vegetarians!*

P.S. This might be a fun spot to hide a shiny, round symbol of forever if you catch our drift.

My Bed Guest Book

No ordinary guest book, this between-the-sheets hardback offers provocative prompts and ample doodle space to increase bedroom amusement. Whether it’s a quiet night of cuddles or a little steamier, remember the moments you wouldn’t soon want to forget. This little beauty also helps you conduct some subtle recon!

P.S. …Make sure this book is completely blank on Valentine’s Day.

All items are available at PerLora and PerLora Loft in the South Side!