Why Should you use a Professional Interior Designer?

Why Should you use a Professional Interior Designer?

Taking on the task of designing or remodeling a room in your house or your whole home can be a daunting task, especially if you’re someone that finds aesthetics important. Everyone and their home has an individual style that we as designers are sensitive to and can enhance or narrow to a concise vision. On top of this, professional interior designers are trained to be able to visualize layouts and furniture in a space even before a decision is made.

While we often ask to see a picture of the room, we find the best method is always an in-home visit. This way a designer can see the furniture selections that have been made and approve them, or make the preliminary decisions as to what the furniture specifications should be.

Designer Skills

Here are a few ways a professional designer can apply their skill:

Color Theory – what colors are important to you and your individual style? What is the scheme that best represents you? How can the furniture play a role in matching the existing aesthetic and colors of your home, and what colors must be avoided?

Texture Theory – what ‘feel’ should the space have to enhance not only your sensory interaction with the space, but also how can it elevate the shape and vibe that you’re looking to achieve in your home?

Sizing and formatting – professional designers can often instantly dimension in their minds’ eye what will, and will not fit. This can be taken two ways; both “will it physically fit?” and will it feel and look appropriate for the design of the room?

Safety – your PerLora designer will use their training to make your home perfect for your needs, for instance, whether that be egress for a wheelchair, or creating a child-safe home. We can design a space that not only looks the part, but plays the part!

Use case – Every room in a home has a different function, and everyone uses the spaces in their home in slightly different ways. As professionals we understand this, and can ask you questions that narrow the field of possibility. We do this to insure your ability to experience and use your home fully everyday, and maximize it’s “happiness output”.

Partner with PerLora!

The bottom line is you; we are here to design for you and enhance your style, meet your goals, and create your dream home. Come see any of our designers today to get started on designing the home you’ve always wanted!