Our Kindness Giveaway Local Hero

PerLora is so grateful for all who submitted their local hero to our Kindness Giveaway. It was difficult to narrow down the field to just one recipient, but one nominee stood above the rest; submitted by Sharon Dobkin, Rachel Dobkin, a local ICU nurse, was the unanimous winner, and we are happy to say that she is now the proud new owner of a gorgeous Italian leather sofa and chair, donated by PerLora. Please read what Sharon had to say about her, and let’s all give Rachel, and all the other amazing people in our city who have stepped up to the plate to make Pittsburgh a wonderful – and healthy – place to live, a big hand. Thank you Rachel!!

Rachel tirelessly worked as an ICU nurse taking care of patients with COVID, and other maladies straight through the pandemic. She worked on COVID units, and in acute ICU settings with patients with multiple diagnoses and impending death. She stayed with all of her patients, and gave them the utmost personal care and concern – through their last breath. She took time to keep in touch with the patients’ families and to update them on a regular basis. She sang to them, spoke with them, held their hands, and took amazing care of them -never missing any of her shifts. Rachel also learned how to perform other functions so she would be able to help her patients, and the patients on the unit. She got certified on kidney dialysis so they did not have to wait for another nurse or specialized personnel to come from one unit to another so the patient did not have to wait to get started on dialysis. She is quite dedicated, and upholds the virtues of what nursing is all about. She is a dedicated hero in my opinion.

~ Sharon Dobkin