Meet PerLora Designer, Jennifer!

We’re excited to introduce our newest PerLora Designer, Jennifer! She brings a vast background and knowledge of the furniture industry to the table. We sat down for a one-on-one with Jennifer to delve deeper into her experience, inspirations and excitement for her new chapter with us at PerLora! Read on to learn more about our new smiling face on the Design Team, and be sure to stop in to say hello.

Where did you attend school and what is your degree in?

I graduated from SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) in Savannah, GA. My focus while in school was primarily fashion design and textiles.

Briefly describe your professional history.

After graduation, I went to Atlanta for a few years to find my path. I ended up at a high-end bedding store and that coupled my love for fabrics and textures with interior design.

There’s a Betsey Johnson quote that I just love – “When you are designing clothing, you really have only one point of focus, and that’s the body. But home is fabrics, and furniture, and floors, and natural light. If fashion is a planet, home is more like a universe.”

From there, I went to work for a showroom in the America’s Mart in Atlanta. With this position, I was able to learn more about the wholesale end of the business, which is paramount to running a successful showroom! I decided to take a break from Atlanta to go and visit my mother in West Palm Beach, FL. I was there for about a week when I found a showroom that carried the same lines that I had worked with in Atlanta and they immediately offered me a position based on my background.

I stayed there for a few years working my way up to General Manager and then went on to run two more Palm Beach County showrooms in my 12 years as a Floridian. I was also the Lead Interior Designer and Buyer for my last showroom. I made bi-yearly trips to High Point Market in North Carolina and kept our showroom fresh and on-trend with the best new merchandise.

How has your professional experience molded your role at PerLora?

Over the years, as I have progressed in my career, one style always seems to be at the forefront of my mind – MODERN design. Even when I worked for more transitional companies, I’ve always had a touch of modern design in my work. When my family and I decided to move back home to Pittsburgh, there was ONE company that I knew I had to pursue.

PerLora has been on the forefront of the everchanging design industry here in Pittsburgh for as long as I can remember. As a teenager, I recall flipping through the City Paper and seeing those iconic “Elvis Reincarnated as a Table” ads. It’s things like that, that stay with you over the years. I am so excited to be part of the PerLora family!

Outside of work, what is something you enjoy doing?

As a mother of 2 young girls, I like to enjoy the AMAZING parks as often as possible! It’s so wonderful living somewhere so beautiful with the mountains just an hour away. My girls just saw SNOW for the first time recently – so that was a blast!

As for me, I love to cook, go to spin class, and come up with fun little projects for my new home on a daily basis (thank you supportive Husband! haha), and explore this amazing city of ours!

What is your favorite thing about Pittsburgh?

That’s a tough one! There are so many wonderful things to love about this city from our amazing teams (GO PENS!) to the museums, abundant history, and cultural experiences. I have to say that the weather is one of my favorites though (maybe not so much in January/February)! There’s nothing like having four distinct seasons. Winter may last a few months too long some years, but it makes you so much more grateful for the spring!

If you had one piece of advice for consumers looking to purchase pieces for their home, what would it be?

Do research and ASK QUESTIONS! You are investing in items that you will use and see on a daily basis. Make sure that they are the best and most perfect pieces for you and your lifestyle.

If consumers are looking for quick revamp to their space, where should they start?

Start small! It’s easy to get overwhelmed! Make a list of the spaces in your home that you’d like to refresh and take it one room at a time! Pinterest is a great resource to try and find images that you like that can be translated into your own personal style. Most importantly – don’t be afraid to ask for help! All of the staff here at PerLora are talented and experienced designers that are ready to help you along your journey.

What would you say to consumers who feel that PerLora is above their price point?

PerLora truly has something for everyone! Don’t be misled into thinking that everything is the same price of one item that you may have seen in our showroom! We have hundreds of catalogs and vendors to choose from and we can work with ANY budget. Another thing that helps to stay on budget is to do just a piece or two at a time.

What are your  favorite EQ3 pieces under $250 and why?

The Teak Stools ($229) These trendy teak stools are available in five different shapes and transitional to every room in your home. Use as a stool, nightstand or end table… the options are endless! 

Taaj & Tate Side Tables ($99-$199) Perfect for every occasion, these solid oak-mid century end tables are great for any nook in the home.

(Left photo: The Teak Stools / Right photo: Taaj & Tate Side Tables)