Modern, Trendy, & Kid-Friendly

It’s the ultimate conundrum – sacrificing style for furniture a little more resilient thanks to the reckless nature of your favorite little young’uns. But, thanks to modern innovation you can have the best of both worlds: bold, chic pieces that can endure accidents, spills, and more without those drab slipcovers. Check out our favorite kid-friendly fabrics!


The Ultrasuede is a “highly tactile and versatile material developed through Toray’s advanced fiber research and development.” Its soft texture and feel of premium suede may seem much too delicate for wild toddlers, however the fabric’s unparalleled quality and functionality make it incredibly durable, virtually spill proof, and effortless to clean.

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Crytpon Home Fabric

“Soft, durable, and resistant to both stains and odors, Crypton Home Fabric is available in a wide array of textures and vibrant colors.” From markers to fruit punch, Crypton Home Fabric can handle whatever mess your little one throws at it (or on it).

Crypton Home Fabric features include:

  • Built-in stain repellency and soil release make cleaning easy
  • Built-in odor resistance keeps fabrics fresh
  • Enhanced abrasion resistance
  • Proud to be processed in the U.S.A.
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified

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Leather has long been a suitable alternative for parents seeking long-lasting luxury. The material is easy to clean and wear and tear simply adds to its charm. Choose from an abundance of protected leathers or full aniline leather (natural, no protection). At PerLora, we always ask our customers if they need a “kid-friendly” leather or natural hide. In most cases you can tell the difference by just rubbing the leather.

Heavy protected leathers will have a harder finish, while more natural hides have a softer, more subtle feel. Light, medium, or heavy protected leathers are available based on your specific preference. The finest leathers (and our personal favorites) are Scandinavian, Italian and German. Visit any one of our three locations to discuss your options with our designers.

P.S. If leather is your kid-friendly choice, we recommend opting for darker color variations!

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