Happy Thanksgiving from the Entire PerLora Team!

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at PerLora! Hoping that your day is full of family, food, fun, and fabulous furniture. We are officially in the holiday spirit, and we can’t wait to show you how we are decorating. We asked our team a few simple questions to find out:

1. How they will celebrate Thanksgiving.

2. Their favorite Thanksgiving tradition.

3. What they are most thankful for.

Stay tuned this December for PerLora’s Holiday Gift Guide, and keep reading to find out what we are grateful for…

Perry and Lora

1. We are celebrating Thanksgiving in Ohio with my Mom’s family.  Lexi is home so the day is complete.

2. Our favorite Thanksgiving tradition is not cooking and bringing bread to dinner.  Not sure what that says about me.

3.  We are thankful for our family, friends, coworkers and customers.  Without all of these wonderful people life would be dull and boring.
1. Copper is spending Thanksgiving at home with Nico.  While every one is in Ohio we are inviting all of our neighborhood friends over for canned pumpkin.

2. Our favorite Thanksgiving tradition is unrolling the toilet paper form the roll and ripping up the magazines in the holder in the bathroom.

3. I am thankful for my parents, my brother Nico and my girlfriend June Bug.


1. Hosting at home with my wonderful family and friends.

 2. Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday! Filled with lots of love and togetherness. We host this every year and enjoy having grace with everyone and each person shares a thought on what they are most thankful for this year. It warms my heart. Tears appear every time.

3.  To recognize true blessings and their importance in our lives. To live a blessed life is a gift to always cherish and to never take for granted.


1. I will be going to the country with Rick to spend it with his family.

2. My favorite tradition is spending time with friends.

3. My family Pete, Stephanie, and Jacob here in Pgh.


1. With my boyfriends family – I will make the Pumpkin Pies!

2. Stuffing. And stuffing myself. My grandmother always made a Jello fruit salad for Thanksgiving dinner, I still make it every year. Thanks Grandma – we will meet again someday.

3. My Health. Without it, I imagine it would be hard to enjoy any of the blessings we receive daily.


Ashley Snider decided to share the old Massimino Thanksgiving Tradition… Direct orders from her mom..

When the turkey goes in the oven, oven door stays open and you do a shot of Sambuca to bless the Turkey.  No matter what time the turkey goes in (3 am when my mother was growing up and her mom would wake her to do the shot) 

This tradition is still going strong with my family and has even transferred over to some of my brother and sisters friends. Since we now live apart, we do phonecalls or FaceTime and bless our fat turkeys together with the shot of Italian holy liqueur.


1. Celebrating with Family and Friends

2. Turkey, pumpkin pie and shopping!!

3. God and His Grace. I am thankful for my children and all of the people that are in my life. 🙂